WT-5305 Indoor tabletop Water Fountain

Product features

1> To eliminate stress and anxiety

Urban population to increasingly intensive, accelerated the pace of work, there are more and more household appliances and modern office equipment, increasing people's mental stress. Eagerly looking forward to the return to nature, to the mountains, nature eliminate stress and anxiety. Indoor water fountain that easing the gurgling sound of water, so you feel seeped into the heart of the moist breath, as if nature on the side, relax your body and spirits up, play a role relieve work pressure, reached cultivate mood, gentle soul to enjoy peaceful purposes.

2> Beautify optimization indoor environment
Water fountains as decorative furnishings, more than any other furnishings with vigor and charm. Combined with water fountains and potted plants or special plants, decorative handicrafts, lamps can change the indoor environment dull, monotonous static; flowing water, flowers and lanterns each other to make the of these spaces scene a new, vibrant, and into fairyland wonderful feeling. Stylish indoor water fountain allows you to create an ideal living environment belongs to the modern style, personality and noble leisure.

3> Entertaining cultivation, to bring fun
Beautiful appearance and elegant, lightweight and small fountains for home furnishings on the inside corner. The the water slowly flows pleasing, gurgling sound of water, people soothing smart people know how to enjoy put the natural landscape narrow, be placed at the office or at home, Entertaining cultivation but also add life fun.

4> Eliminate odors and purify the air
The water fountain can continue to produce a large number of negative ions, the fountain of tiny water droplets impact with air molecules, can generate a lot of negative oxygen ions, further eliminate positive ions floating in the air, odor and harmful dust, electromagnetic radiation adsorption of carbon dioxide and release of home appliances indoor air fresh; in a negative ion environment will make you feel relaxed and the spirit of times! The water fountain can adjust the indoor humidity and temperature, improve indoor air quality.

5> To cover up the noise, bring tranquility
Space in our lives, the sound of a water fountain to bring nature indoors. Voice was gentle but enough to cover up the noise around you - such as street car engine sound as well as air conditioning or other office equipment tremolo. The gentle sound of water splashing water droplets, the impact on the container's natural rhythm can eliminate many do not want to hear the noise, bring a tranquil and relaxing feeling.
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